Conjur Open Source CLI


The Conjur CLI is included with the initial installation of Conjur Open Source.

After initial installation, use the Conjur Open Source CLI Changelog on GitHub to read about new releases as they become available. The Changelog contains links to the distributions for the most recent releases.

We distribute the CLI as a Ruby gem and as a dockerized container. If you have a Ruby environment, choose that. Otherwise, the docker distribution may be useful.

Installation instructions are available in the Readme file here.

Note: There are two release branches in the cyberark/conjur-cli repository:

  • CLI 6.x.x is compatible with Conjur Open Source (v5) and is the main branch in this repository. You want to view the files in this branch.
  • CLI 5.x.x is compatible with Application Access Manager (v4) and appears as a branch named V4 off of the main branch.

Help and Documentation

For CLI documentation, use the command line help options:

  1. Get a list of conjur commands:

    $ conjur --help

  2. Get a list of subcommands under a major command.

    $ conjur <command> --help

    For example, get the subcommands under the user command:

    $ conjur user --help

  3. Get help on a specific subcommand:

    $ conjur <command> <subcommand> --help

    For example, get syntax and options for the user list subcommand:

    $ conjur user list --help

      list - List users
      conjur [global options] user list [command options]

      -i, --[no-]ids             - Show only ids
      -l, --limit=arg            - Maximum number of records to return (default:
      -o, --offset=arg           - Offset to start from (default: none)
      -r, --[no-]raw-annotations - Show annotations in 'raw' format
      --role=ROLE                - Role to act as. By default, the current
                                 logged-in role is used. (default: none)
      -s, --search=arg           - Full-text search on resource id and annotation
                                 values (default: none)