Install Conjur

Install Conjur from an AWS CloudFormation Template

If you have an AWS account, use our CloudFormation template to quickly install a Conjur instance. Get the template and instructions for using it from our documentation page.

Install Conjur from DockerHub

You can easily download and run the Conjur software using Docker and the official Conjur containers on DockerHub.


  1. Install Docker Toolbox, available for Windows and macOS.

    If you’re using GNU/Linux, follow instructions here.

  1. Install a terminal application if you don’t have one already. Hyper is nice.

Prepare to launch

  1. In your terminal, download the Conjur quick-start configuration:
$ curl -o docker-compose.yml
  1. Pull all the required Docker images from DockerHub

    docker-compose can do this for you automatically:

$ docker-compose pull
  1. Generate your master data key and load it into the environment:
$ docker-compose run --no-deps --rm conjur data-key generate > data_key
$ export CONJUR_DATA_KEY="$(< data_key)"

Install and Configure

  1. Run docker-compose up -d to run the Conjur server, database and client
  2. Create a default account (eg. quick-start):
$ docker-compose exec conjur conjurctl account create quick-start


  1. Run docker-compose exec client bash to get a bash shell with the Conjur client software
  2. Initialize the Conjur client using the account name and admin API key you created:
$ conjur init -u conjur -a quick-start # or whatever account you created
$ conjur authn login -u admin
Please enter admin\'s password (it will not be echoed):


Conjur is installed and ready for use! If you want to confirm that Conjur was installed properly, you can open a browser and go to localhost:8080 and view the included status UI page.

Ready to do more? Here are some suggestions:

$ conjur authn whoami
$ conjur help
$ conjur help policy load

Next Steps